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Skinner vs Yumeko

Overall comparison

HERO Fraction Element Type Rarity
Skinner Lizardmen Magic Attack Uncommon
Yumeko Shadowkin Void Support Legendary

Stats comparison

Skinner 60 6 12885 1255 639 89 15 50 30 0
Yumeko 60 6 21315 +8430 870 -385 1288 +649 105 +16 15 50 30 10 +10

Skills comparison


Sharpened Bone

Formula: 1.3*ATK
Attacks 1 enemy 3 times.

Skinning Slice

Formula: 6.3*ATK
Attacks 1 enemy. Removes 2 random buffs from the target.
Cooldown: 4
- - -


Formula: 2.8*ATK
Formula: 0.3*DEALT_DMG
Formula: 0.075*MAX_STAMINA
Attacks 1 enemy 2 times. Each hit steals 7.5% of the target’s Turn Meter if this Champion has 50% HP or more. Each hit heals this Champion by 30% of the damage inflicted if this Champion has less than 50% HP.

Destiny's Mirror

Formula: 6*ATK
Attacks 1 enemy. Has an 80% chance of placing a [Hex] debuff for 3 turns. [Passive Effect] Whenever an enemy tries to place debuffs on either this Champion or an ally, has a 55% chance of transferring those debuffs to a random enemy under a [Hex] debuff placed by this Champion. This happens before any debuffs are placed on the initial target. Has a 30% chance instead against Bosses. Whenever someone fills the Turn Meter of an enemy under a [Hex] debuff placed by this Champion, this Champion's Turn Meter will be filled instead. Only available when Karato Foxhunter is on the same team.
Cooldown: 4

Dance of Time

Decreases the cooldowns of all ally skills by 3 turns and increases the cooldowns of all enemy skills by 3 turns. Will not decrease the cooldowns of this Champion’s skills.
Cooldown: 7

Skill 69004 name

Skill 6666618 description

Deep Cover [P]

Places a [Perfect Veil] buff on this Champion for 2 turns at the start of each Round. This Champion is immune to all debuffs if they are under a [Veil] or [Perfect Veil] buff. Whenever a [Veil] or a [Perfect Veil] buff is placed on an enemy, has a 75% chance of stealing the buff. This happens before the buff is placed on the initial target. Only available when Karato Foxhunter is on the same team.