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Artifacts to sell right away

Selling artifacts will not only free up inventory space, but will also bring you extra silver, which is always in high demand.

List of artifacts for sale - most useless are first

  1. The bottom row of artifacts (Gauntlets, chestplate, boots) with non-percentage main stat, with the exception of boots for speed and chestplate for accuracy or resistance. *
  2. Gauntlets with a percentage attack - you can safely sell, since your nucker will definitely wear gauntlets with critical damage
  3. Attack amulet - similar to gloves - here we are looking for an amulet for critical damage
  4. Banner for resistance (it is enough to hold 1-2 for each faction), banners for accuracy, attack and defense will be the most valuable - especially if there is an speed substat
  5. Attack ring without percentage attack in substats **
  6. Health banner without percentage health in substats  **


* Also, an exception to these rules will be artifacts from the "Speed" set with speed substats, since such artifacts are likely to give significant speed to your Turn meter boosters in the arena.

** Of course, only if you have enough normal rings or banners