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Best starter champion

In the beginning you will get an option to choose one of 4 champions Elhain, Kael, Galek and Athel. Before choosing your first champion you should consider a few things. Some champions work best in the early game and some work best in later stages.

This guide will help you to choose your beginning champion for the game. RAID: Shadow Legends is the best card RPG game, but it requires a lot of knowledge and patience in building champions and combining them into good sets. So if you are a new player in the game and you have no idea about how the game works and how to build your champions. And you have to decide which one of four rare champions is better? 

Raid Shadow Legends Best champion for beginners

To be short - you can compare these champions using our champion comparison tool.

So I will save your time and explain results of compare:

Elhain - Good for early game, grinding campaign locations ( farming artifacts and training food for further champion upgrading)

Athel - Also good for early game, but also It’s a good champion for farming artifacts in Fire Knight Castle location (Due her three times attack skill)

Kael - Good in Arena due it AOE attack which fills turn metter with each killed enemy, Also he is good in Clan Boss location as it places Poison debuff which deals significant damage to boss. It’s a best from this four - for late game (Arena and Clan Boss)

Galek - also good choice for mid and late game regarding his decrease DEF debuff it also can be used in Arena and Clan Boss locations

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