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Heroes for the campaign farming, examples of artifacts and masteries

We need a farm company to pump the food and accumulate silver.

The content of the article: 

  • Which heroes are best for farming campaign
  • What artifacts they need to wear, as well as what stats we pay attention to
  • What talents does our hero need
  • A few words about the Great Hall
  • Well, a few specific examples
  • And interesting tips


To begin with, quite a bit of theory: It is common to level up food at an brutal difficulty at level 12.3 (sometimes people are using  12.6 there is a little more experience - but the silver yield is less, and the time for one playthrough is usually longer)


Why 12.3? There, almost all enemies are spirit heroes (one Incubus on the first wave is a force hero), so the spirit heroes will work great here. Also, the silver yield at this level is the highest. The level is very optimal for leveling up 2 and 4-star food.

12.6 gives a little more experience, but less silver - here we can save 8 energy for leveling up a 3-star food, 16 for a 5-star food and 32 energy for a 6-star food. Most players of course choose 12.3

Which hero is good for campaign farming?

First of all, we need a hero who attacks with AoE from the first skill (A1), and ideally a hero who attacks only with AoE. Having such a champion with good artifacts, you can reach a speed of 6-7 seconds.



The following sets of artifacts are best suited: 1 x Cruel + 1x Savage, 3x Cruel, in extreme cases, worthy artifacts not from sets can also give the necessary stat values

What are the stats to pay attention to when dressing your character?

First of all, the hero should give out stable damage - for this we need a 100% crit chance and ideally it should be a hero of void affinity so that there are no weak hits at level 12.6, although a hero of the spirit affinity is ideal for level 12.3

The next thing we pay attention to is the champ Attack (or Defense, if the damage based on defense) and Critical Damage.

The hero's speed must be 111 or more, Also we can ignore all other characteristics.


In masteries, we need an offence branch with focus for maximum damage from the first hit - so that it is, if possible, the only one :) we may not open other talents at all

Great Hall

The recommendations are the same as for the stats of artifacts: First of all, we upgrade critical damage, then Attack (or defense if damage based  on it)

Examples of champions

Popular champions: Saurus is the cheapest choice, since it is quite easy to get and build, especially for beginners, Bellower is the best choice, but it is not easy to pull at the start of the game, Soulbond Bowyer is easy to achieve 100% critical chance, of the minuses - there are several non-AoE skills that slow down the farm.

Some incredibly lucky players use Skullcrown, Queen Eva and Big Un - certainly these heroes will cope with the task no worse than the Saurus :)

Also remember that you do not need to optimize the campaign speed at the beginning of the game, since you will not have enough good artifacts and attributes yet, and your Kael or Elain will do quite well with the task of leveling up food, so this article is more designed for mid-game players who have already received quite good attributes and have upgraded up the Large Hall a bit.


Interesting facts and alternative points of view

  1. You can concentrate on the speed of the hero so that he walks twice in front of the enemy, for this you need to have a speed of 220, this will be a little longer in time, but you can achieve greater stability
  2. Most players use the Incubus as food, as it drops when farming the 12th campaign
  3. At a speed of 6-7 seconds, you will need about one hour to spend 1000 gems for energy, while you will receive almost 8kk of silver, and you will be able to level up enough food. I recommend looking at the hero build cost calculator and the theoretical base for leveling up heroes - here you will find the answer to how many times you need to complete the level in order to completely level upfood champ to the required level

Champions in this guide