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Passing Spider’s Den, recommendations and examples

Consider the tactics of completing a spider’s

Tactic “Kill a spider as quickly as you can” - it works only at low levels of this dungeon. For this tactic you need a set of heroes with an AoE (mass attack) performing with the first skill plus you need a turn metter filler hero.

For levels above the 12th, another tactic using “victim” is needed

Tactics of “victim”

Actually we need a “victim” (see below who is suitable for this role) + heroes who will decrease the turn metter of  Spider and another one who will deal damage. The main task of the “victim” is to take on the blows of the spiders but not die from their attack - there are several options for solving this problem.

  1. Play from buffs Unkillable and Block Damage (there is a problem with the automatic battle mode, because the hero may use his skill incorrectly)
  2. Mass attack from the first skill + a set of artifacts to steal life + mastery "Retribution", also we need the healer
  3. Bad-el-Kazar dressed in a counterattack artifacts set and with a good level of resistance and defense.

Remember please that spiders will first hit the heroes of the opposite element, if there are none, they will beat the heroes of the same element or the heroes of the void element, and among the heroes matching the elements they will beat the hero with the least their level of health, so you need to take care in advance so that our “victim” have less health than other heroes of the same element or void.

Also, it will not be superfluous to have good resistance on heroes to reduce the chances of imposing Poison and Stun debuffs. Watch below the videos with the passage of the Spider at different levels of difficulty.


Champions in this guide

Spider Den 15 lvl on auto, Bad-el-Kazar as Victim

On this video you can see how to pass 15 level of Spider Den on auto. Champions: Bad-el-Kazar, Coldheart, 3xArmiger